Transition Words to Stop Debt Collectors

An eleven-word phrase is your best friend when it comes to stopping debt collectors. What does this mean? It means that if they harass you, call you at night, or worse, if they carry on calling over, then you can write back: “I’m not interested in talking about your debt any longer.” This will effectively silence them for a while. And while this might be all they think about, it’s actually a great idea to stay away from them for awhile.

However, there are other ways to deal with debt collectors which involve dealing with them directly. For example, you can approach the loan holder behind the amount being borrowed and offer to pay it off. In fact, if you can offer more than the loan amount, then this will serve to lower the debt collector’s total profit. However, if you are unable to do so, and they continue to harass you, then you may wish to consider writing a letter to the company requesting that they stop contacting you.

Now, what kind of message would it send when you asked a debt collector not to harass you? Most people would just be polite, but since you’re requesting that they cease the harassment, that would not be acceptable. A proper request to stop collection calls should be in writing, and the collector should also never respond to the request in any way. The basic idea behind this 11-word phrase to stop debt collectors is that if you’re not interested in paying off the debt, then they should think twice about doing business with you. Click here for more details about 8552457098

This may sound confusing, but the concept is really very simple. The letter starts off with something like, “I’m not interested in any more debt collection calls. If you want me to continue to work with you, please provide me with a signed phone statement indicating that you’re not interested in any further contact with me.” What the letter doesn’t tell the collector is that you have already told the agency in writing that you’re not interested in pursuing the debt.

What the next part of the letter to stop debt collectors should include is a statement that says something to the effect of “Thank you for your time and consideration, however I am not under any obligation to do so.” This second sentence is important because it tells the collector that you’re thinking clearly and know what you’re talking about. The problem again is that if they won’t honor that request, then it doesn’t matter what else you say. What’s important is that you keep insisting until they give you the answer that you want. Another idea for transition words is “I would like an alternate contact name.” In other words, if they refuse to change the collection agency it should mean that you’re done with them, and you should find someone else who will work with you.

A third possibility for transition words is to simply stop calling them altogether. In other words, if it makes you feel better to not talk to them, then you need to do it. However, there’s one other thing to remember here: collectors are trained to use all sorts of persuasion just to get you to stop. Any written validation that you send them should include the option for you to stop doing business with them.