Thai Comedy – A New Concert DVD

Thai comedy have always been popular. Today most popular movie genres are comedy, drama or horror films. However, Thai comedy has always remained as hot favorite among Thai audiences. Jokes still remain aimed to domestic audience alone. Over the years, Thai cinema industry has gained immense popularity in the world, not only for its superbly animated and slapstick comedy genre but also for its smart social commentaries and unique style of cinematography.

In fact, Thai comedy is known worldwide not only for its unique style and approach, but also for the smart and witty script that can tickle the funny bone of the viewer. The main story line of almost all thai comedy movies revolve around a simple theme, which is based on Thai social life. Every comedy movie portrays a part of Thai social life in some way or other. From the times when the country was separated from the rest of the world by the powerful Khmer people, every Thai film depicts a part of the country’s social past, present and future. Some films would depict the rise of a Thai prince from a humble beginning, through his struggle for freedom, and how he was able to unify the people with his strong leadership.

Thai directors and writers then take this story and weave it into a well-crafted script, which would involve not only a rising star but also a smart director. This director will often bring out the true spirit and essence of a Thai comedy, through his expert use of angles, comedy scenes and his expert use of music. A good example of this is a Thai movie called Anaconda. Directed by none other than Johnnie Yen, this thai comedy starred Jet Li as the title character, an extraordinary and charismatic martial arts champion who travels to Thailand to defeat an unparalleled evil, in the process saving the kingdom. Click here for more details about หนังตลกไทย

Now, with the release of the movie, Anaconda has been making the rounds at various movie festivals around the globe, where it received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. This success of the movie, along with its subsequent release of the second movie Anaconda: Searching For Mr. T has seen a further rise in popularity of the movie genre. Now Thai movie directors are coming up with new concepts to bring the magic back to their kung fu comedy masterpieces and give them the freedom to create characters that will leave the audience spellbound with their wonderful stories of love, passion, courage and adventure.

The latest comedy masterpiece to hit the local Thai movie industry is a three-part award winning movie called Mabeking Man (Merry Christmas). This amazing Thai comedy series was directed by Krisnanee Sitsukarno and stars Jet Li, Suriyani Manaporn, Navratri Manaporn, Sanjay Leela Bhansali andogen. The movie follows a bungling father who travels to Bangkok to visit his old friend, a professor who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The two get along famously over their laughter and their free shipping and talk about various issues ranging from Thailand’s political life, Thai boxing, their love life and many such things. A special trailer for the movie was recently released on the internet along with free shipping and ticket offer to those who order online.

Now that the film has been out in the market for some time, there is a new concert DVD collection to get your fix. Apart from the movie, this concert set is accompanied by a thirty minute comedy extra, featuring the hilarious duet between Jet Li and Suriyani Manaporn, where they try to send each other flying with their flying martial arts skills. The concert DVD also includes the hilarious martial arts sequence between the two super powers, where they both wish to train together and become the best martial arts masters in the country. The concert DVD also features the full length fight between Priyaribbon and Sukothai, where the legendary comedian tries his hand at the art of martial arts once again. All the eight DVDs are available in English and Thai only. Order now from the official site for a discounted price and free shipping.