Fishing, Biking, Hiking and Nightlife in Nishiazabu Rettalfest

Located on the northern tip of the Gulf of Mexico, Nishiazabu Reef is a coral reef paradise off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. The reef is part of a World Heritage site and the reef is also home to many exotic marine animals and plants. While there are many activities to do at the site, one of the most popular is a visit to the Nishiazabu rettalfest, a historic Filipino event. The rettalfest is held every five years, during which a festival celebrates the resilience and longevity of the island.

The rettalfest is not like other festivals that involve dancing, eating and drinking. It is a ceremony where relatives, friends and Filipinos of all ages gather to remember the history of the island, as well as to celebrate its rich culture and tradition. There are several activities to participate in the festival. Aside from the traditional fiesta that happens every year, there is also the annual commemoration of the departure of the last resident of the island, Father Jose Marizio Aguinaldo. Another activity that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists is a day of diving and snorkeling wherein guests can swim with the fish and touch the underwater decorations and artifacts that are on display for the event.

The festival also features a beauty competition for local and foreign entries called the “talon de talon.” Other events include a visit from Kato Pui, a former swimmer who has brought the island to life on television. Other celebrities also set visits to the island every year including former President Joseph Estrada, former First Lady Rosalind La Ladera, and former Tourism Secretary Ramon Villamil. The island’s fiesta also features performances by numerous bands and dancers.

The island of Nishiazabu is also very popular among tourists who choose to spend their vacation there. Most come here for its picturesque setting, which is very different from most of the other Indonesian islands that they have visited. There are also many different types of food available in the restaurants and hotels, although they cater to a predominantly Catholic crowd. A unique feature of the island is that there is no gay community but there are saunas and a nudist beach that you may want to try out during your visit. Click here for more details about 西麻布 rettalf

The rettalfest season runs from mid June to early July. The whole island gets busy especially at weekends as everyone tries to get into some of the famous tourist spots. If you are visiting during the regular season then there are plenty of things to do and see aside from swimming, snorkeling and diving. You will find a lot of shows, theater and shows that showcase the local arts and culture. The Bamboo Forest National Park and Pangani Natural Park are also two of the top places you should not miss. The park offers you a chance to go hiking, trekking, scuba diving and ballooning and the natural habitat of the monkeys, Galapagos penguins and orangutans among many others.

If you are planning to stay on the island long enough to see all the attractions then you can ask the staff of your hotel if you can try out the sports such as basketball and table tennis. As long as you book well in advance then you can enjoy it for a very low price. If you are a real nature lover then there are several hiking trails that you can follow. These trails give you a chance to explore and walk amidst the green forest all alone. And of course, there is no way you can miss the delicious local food available at every street corner restaurant in the island.

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