Coal worth Tk 8.46 billion vanishes into thin air

Barapukuria Coal Mining Organization Restricted (BCMCL) has paid the consortium including two Chinese organizations bills for which separating 100.16 million tons of coal in the course of the most recent 13 years (from 2005 to 2018) from coal from the Barapukuria coal mineshaft in Dinajpur.

The mine specialists in the meantime procured another 500,000 tons of coal from the mine which has not been reported. The market cost of coal is over Tk 8.46 billion. There are claims that this whole aggregate has been stolen.

The coal contained additional dampness. The cost of coal ought not to be paid if the water substance or sogginess in the coal surpasses by a specific point of confinement. BCMCL is purchasing coal with 5.1 per cent dampness as indicated by the arrangement marked with Chinese Consortium. However, BCMCL is selling a lump of similar coal with more than 10 per cent dampness to Barapukuria power plant and in the open market. There isn’t the record of the additional cash earned from this deal.

Vitality master educator Shamsul Alam told Prothom Alo that question, in any case, is, how did the organization sell coal with high dampness content while getting it with low dampness. Theft has additionally been featured in examinations of the Counter Debasement Commission (ACC). It has recorded a grumbling with the court for the excellent activity to free the vitality part of defilement.

How the occurrence became known

In July 2018, BCMCL just because conceded that 144,000 tons of coal were taken from Barapukuria mine. The 525-MW Barapukuria Power plant was closed down because of coal lack. BCMCL was providing coal to the power plant. The deficiency of coal then possibly became visible when the authorities saw that the coal stores were deficient. A case in regards to coal pilferage was recorded and ACC took up examinations.

ACC as of late presented a charge sheet, blaming seven coal mineshaft authorities for theft. These authorities are M Mahbubur Rahman, Khurshidul Hasan, M Aminuzzaman, M Kamruzzaman, Abdul Aziz Khan, M Nurul Aurangazeb and Habib Uddin Ahmed. Among them, Petrobangla suspended Habib Uddin Ahmed. M Nurul Aurangazeb was made Official on Uncommon Obligation (OSD) and has been joined to the administrator’s office of Petrobangla.

M Mahbubur Rahman, Khurshidul Hasan, M Aminuzzaman went on retirement. However M Kamruzzaman has been made the overseeing chief of the state-possessed Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Organization Restricted (RPGCL), and Aziz Khan has been made an individual from Bangladesh Vitality Administrative Commission (BERC).

Inquired as to why Abdul Aziz Khan has not been suspended, BERC administrator Monowar Islam via telephone on 15 October stated, “I don’t have the position to suspend him. The president can do as such. The vitality division will propose the president for his suspension. At that point, the president will choose it.”

Capture warrants have been given against 23 individuals including the seven overseeing chiefs on 15 October after the ACC record the accuse sheet of the court. Among them, three BCMCL authorities incorporating Habib Uddin are in prison. Others are on bail.

Gotten some information about 5 tons of undocumented coal of the most recent 13 years, BCMCL’s current overseeing chief Md Kamruzzaman Khan on 25 September told Prothom Alo, saying, “I’ have just joined this office as of late. I have no clue about the issue.”

Meanwhile, the power division held a gathering concerning the coordination of bills over soggy coal supply to the Barapukuria power plant by BCMCL’. Power secretary Ahmad Kaikaus managed the gathering.

As indicated by the gathering minutes, the agreement says the power plant should purchase coal with dampness content not surpassing 10 per cent. Yet, the coal provided to the power plant among September and December of 2018 had dampness over 16.34 per cent. Besides, the nearness of iron particles in the coal hurts the power plant.

Previous chief general of the p[ower division’s capacity cell and vitality authority Md Rahmantullah told Prothom Alo that the individuals at the coal mineshaft are associated with the coal burglary. This robbery is beyond the realm of imagination without their intrigue.

He likewise said to uncover the realities, the legislature must examine the blamed with no thought for their societal position.

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