You Can Get Banned by Google AdSense! Read This Before You Do Anything Else

You can get banned by Google AdSense. The webmaster of the particular website doesn’t have to be a webmaster at all to get banned. I mean, for Google it is all in how they say you get banned so let’s dig into that and see what it really means.

So, if you get banned by Google AdSense there are a few things you should know. First off, no matter how large or small your website is it will be banned. The only exception to this is if you have a site which is pre-approved by Google AdSense. If you do then you won’t be banned.

So, to avoid getting banned by Google AdSense you need to not over advertise. If you tell someone you have “millions of visitors a month” but you are actually only getting 20 visitors a day then you will not be going to the top of Google’s listings.

Secondly, webmasters get banned by Google AdSense all the time. If your website receives too many “off-page” bounces you are more likely to get banned by Google AdSense.

Bounces are where a visitor comes to your webmaster’s page after visiting your actual web page. All web pages have their own bounce rate and although some webmasters have a very high bounce rate, the majority of them have a low bounce rate. If a visitor does not land on your webmaster’s page then Google AdSense has reason to ban your account.

But, the higher your bounce rate the worse your ranking will be. What usually happens is that the webmaster will ban their accounts on a daily basis. So the more frequently you get banned the lower you will be in Google’s rankings.

You need to report this to the webmaster and tell them that you have been off-page bounced by a visitor. The best way to do this is to go to the Report Abuse link on your site.

Then, on the reports page for your site you need to write in all the details, you can think of about your bounce rate. Then you will need to click the “Mark all as spam” link.

Now, Google AdSense will not ban your account but your webmaster may put you into the spam category if you have a high bounce rate. That’s why you need to be a good manager of your website so you can avoid getting banned by Google AdSense.

Some webmasters just don’t understand how to manage their pages. They will not only show up to your webmaster’s page in their listings but will also use a lot of keywords when they search for your page in Google’s search engine.

Don’t you think it is very arrogant for a webmaster to be telling people that they have millions of visitors a month? Google will put them in the spam category for this kind of behaviour.

So, if you find you are being banned by Google AdSense you need to understand that if you keep doing this you are going to lose a lot of money. Google will literally ban you from their system in two different ways: Off-Page Bounces and Spamming.